HAVANESE PUPPIES FOR SALE IN OHIO.Havanese Puppies For Sale in Ohio

We have only a few Havanese litters per year and these are born and raised  in our home. Your puppy will receive daily love, handling, imprinting, and socialization from the day they are born until they go home with their forever family. We never cut corners on the quality of care they receive and it shows with happy, healthy, friendly puppies! Vet references gladly provided. Cupids Havanese has puppies and CUPIDS HAVANESE PUPPIES FOR SALE. HVANESE PUPPIES FOR SALE IN OHIO.ogs for sale in Ohio

We would be glad to answer all your questions about your new Havanese puppy!  We can't give you the proper attention that you and your puppy deserves by text or email.  We are glad to reply to emails or texts once. We love  our dogs and spend thousands of hours  of time on their care. We need to speak to a real person to find out about where they will live, what your lifestyle is, to match our puppies up with the best forever homes!!!!

If you are serious about adding one of our Havanese puppies to your family please call us at  937 477 7735.