Havanese puppy buying Information
Buying a puppy can be a confusing process, and you will find the prices for Havanese tend to vary from $450 to $3000+ or more.  The higher  priced dogs usually have completed their confirmation in shows and are sold as show dogs with Champion titles. If you are going to spend $900 at a pet store then save yourself $450 and go directly to the nearest puppy mill and buy the cheapest-cage raised- mass produced puppy you can get. It costs more for us to raise one litter at a time, to give our dogs the best nutrition and vet care, to start with outstanding dogs from National and International Champion bloodlines, to spend hours each day handling the puppies and playing with them outside, having couch time in the evening... In the long run it is so worth it to buy from a small breeder who loves their pups like we do! We don't and will never mass produce puppies, resell puppies, or cut corners on the care they receive and the imprinting, love and socialization they get.  

Never buy a puppy from someone who does not have the parents on the property or will not permit you to pick the puppy up at their home. Listen to your instincts and do not buy a dog from anywhere that hints of a "puppy mill". If the seller has 100 puppies listed for sale in dozens of different breeds then they are by definition a high volume kennel "puppy mill".  By eight weeks of age, each puppy will be evaluated for the best standards of the breed, and the price will be set according, ranging from $1500 to $2500 for family homes. Puppies will be sold to approved homes only. All puppies are sold with a mandatory spay/neuter contract unless sold to a show home. There are additional costs/co-ownership requirements for full unlimited AKC registration with no requirements of Spay/Neuter.

 The buyer will have 48 hours from the date of purchase to have their new puppy examined by a vet at the buyer’s expense.  A refund or exchange will be guaranteed during that time if the puppy should be deemed in poor health  and therefore unfit for sale by the buyers DVM as required by Ohio law.   A contract between the buyer and seller will be signed by both parties, and the buyer will receive a copy along with the current vaccination schedule. Puppies receive their first puppy shots and de-wormings.  Puppies will be ready for their new home when fully weaned at 8 weeks old.  A 50%, non-refundable deposit is required to hold a puppy.  The puppy must be fully paid for before going to its new home.  Prices for puppies for family homes (non-breeding) range between $1500-$2500 depending on color, gender, and litter.

Dogs are pack animals.  When your new puppy enters your home, it will begin immediately to define its place in the pack.  Your family will be the new pack.  It is important that you are firm but gentle.  Use a crate to train your puppy to use the bathroom outside. We will provide you with an informative puppy manual that has tips on puppy behaviors, chewing, house breaking etc. We are also available to answer any questions by phone/email/ or text throughout the life of your puppy! Your puppy is coming from the home of an experienced breeder as well a Certified Professional Trainer. We are well qualified to assist you with any questions and look forward to helping you in any way.  A young puppy is like a baby and should be supervised in a puppy exercise playpen or attached to a human on leash or in a crate initially at all times. Midwest makes a great exer-pen that folds easily and is a great place for your puppy to play indoors or outside.  Use the crate for naps and bedtime but never for punishment. We like using bath towels as bedding, easy to wash, reusable.  Expect some crying but completely ignore it and leave a light on and a radio to calm your puppy.   Dogs naturally seek a den for rest, and your puppy will come to regard the crate as its private, safe place.  Use a small crate for a Havanese puppy.  A large crate will just allow your puppy to sleep at one end and potty at the other – just what you don’t want to encourage. Use LOTS of praise when your puppy goes potty outside and get on a good schedule as outlined in your new puppy manual.  Each time you take him/her outside,  go to the same spot and say go potty then lots of praise when they do.  Dogs live in the here and now so if you catch them having an accident or chewing then tell them no. If its after the fact your puppy will think you have lost your mind as they have already moved on to the next thing.

Will your dog be home alone during the day?  Being pack animals, a dog can become bored and lonely if left alone and become destructive. Use a crate or a baby gate and puppy proof the area where they will stay.  My dogs eat DIAMOND SMALL BREED PUPPY. It is a tiny bite food and is available at chewy.com and other stores. As adults we feed COSTCO CHICKEN AND RICE . Havanese do not eat much food as compared to a larger dog so the cost per day even of a premium food is quite low.  Buy a small crate, leash, toys, water and food bowls, food ,treats, and get ready to fall in love with your new Cupids Havanese puppy:)